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Consumers in Motion Group partners with organizations that are interested in keeping tuned to business opportunities produced by the accelerated pace of technological and consumer change in the marketplace today.
We work with your organizations to identify and understand the impact of rapid changes in technologies and its impact on consumer behavior on organizations today and in the near future.

Our team goes the extra mile by identifying opportunity areas via accelerated immersive learning and experiences,through strategic partnerships, with Custom Curated Experiences and with W.I.N. workshops.

We work with your organization to ahead stay of the curve by identifying early changes in consumer behavior fueled by technologies.


Understanding the technology and consumers adoption timeline is key to success in today’s marketplace.

Vision to Win

There are three principles we employ to implement your vision for action. They are watch, innovate and navigate or W.I.N. which are outlined below:

Watch: Watching how customers actually use a product or service provides much more reliable information than other methods.

Innovate: Learning, experimentation and identifying strategic partnerships is a requirement and competitive advantage for your business today.

Navigate: Identifying paradigm shifts and change cycles is where we do our best work. Together, we create your navigation roadmap to win in the marketplace. 

We discuss next actions after we review the W.I.N. roadmap recommendation.

Custom Curated Experiences

Custom Curated Experiences ( is an immersive learning and business development program. Our team custom curates cutting edge start-ups, strategic partnerships and technologies, saving time and resources allowing you to focus on the big picture at major industry events.

Benefits for your organization:

  • Achieve months of business development in days
  • Expose blind spots in your business to avoid unwanted consequences
  • Create strategies to drive your business
  • Curate mission-critical technology to drive your business objectives
  • Identify future products and services in line with changing consumer expectations

Custom Curated Experiences offers programs in conjunction with dmexo, CES, The Big Show, Mobile World Congress, SXSW, CeBIT and Cannes Lions.

Revenue Performance

Revenue Performance is a program designed to increase revenue for organizations. It is for companies that want to improve their go-to-market and bottom line. Revenue Performance focuses on the six pillars of revenue growth, which are the product, the people, the presentation, the pricing, performance and the process. The Revenue Performance Process has generated billions of dollars in revenue.

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