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What We Do

Consumers in Motion Group partners with organizations to reimagine business by creating the vision, strategy and solutions embraced by consumers.
We work with companies and governments to understand the combined forces of technological and consumer behavior change to create the product and services used by consumers.

We work with you to stay on the cutting edge of change and revenue growth.


Understanding the technology and consumers adoption timeline is key to success in today’s marketplace.


Your vision is achieved with team building and an immersive learning process.

This process is designed to align your organization with a cohesive strategy for technology and rapidly changing consumer behaviors.

We support your strategy with curated relationships, introductions to start- ups and exposure to thought leaders, which will accelerate your business to drive results.

Custom Curated Experiences

CCE curates the speakers, technologies and exhibitors at major industry events, customizing the experience and strategically extending your network to drive business results. Together, we strategize the event to use your time in the most efficient and effective manner. You are able to achieve to achieve months of meetings in days.

CCE provides experiences for CES, Mobile World Congress, The Big Show, CTIA, Cannes Lions, CeBit, Money 2020 and the Telecom Council.

Power Performance

Power Performance is a program designed to increase revenue for media and entertainment organizations. It is for companies that want to improve the customer journey and the bottom line. Power Performance evaluates the five pillars of revenue growth, which are the product, the people, the presentation, the pricing and the process.

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